A Children's Book Illustrator and Graphic Designer, based in Long Beach, California, working with different mediums, Wingyee has developed a fun, cheerful inner child style. Wing’s work has included illustrations for children’s books, promotional artwork for festivals and events, graphic art for businesses and commission paintings. The illustrations for Wingyee were created using mainly from pencil sketch, then transfer to digital to finish up to the final product.

Q: What inspires you to create?

"Little things that happen in life, moments that I found very honest and sweet. Like a baby on a scooter with his dad going we we weeee all the way home, or a grandma and her grandkid reading under a tree on the sidewalk after a shopping trip. They all build up to who we are." 

Flamenco Paintings

Q: What your creative journey?

"As many other creative people are going through, there is a lot of self-doubts in my journey. Especially when you are that weird kid from Hong Kong that are not good at anything but drawing all day all things. Slowly, I came to my sense that the ability that I can draw an image without explaining what I am trying to draw is actually a talent. Then it goes back to self-doubt again, there are 5000 trillion illustrators already existed, why and how to publishers, buyer, clients would like to hire this weird kid. After a lot of ups and downs in life, and gone through a lot of life lessons. I finally found my "voice" in my illustrations. Hopefully, I can create more joy through my illustrations to the readers. " 

Q: Who is your most inspiration?

"There is two main "plot-twist" point in my life. One, when I was introduced to flamenco. After a major medical issue that happened in the family. A good friend said to me " You need to try this, it's going to be so much fun" from then on, I am hooked, the rhythm, emotion, and passions go into this form of dance is inspiring. Two, my daughter, who is 2yo now, she shows me how to see everything with new perspective and excitements. Especially when I am creating Children's Book Illustration, we always put down what we think our kids want to see or react to the most, but most of the time, a single wiggly line can be very interesting with an awesome story of how that line gets so wiggly. From all the books that my daughter has on her shelf, she always picks her sketchbook and wants me to draw a new story with her before bed. " 

Marley's Hotdog


"There is always a reason for everything. Things that happened in the world, in your family, in your mind. Some we know what the reasons are, most we have no clue. And for the ones that we don't, we will need to take a leap for it. Times of life is like sushi serving in a spin around the sushi bar. Some times are joyful, some times are sad. You will never know what the chef really put in it. Until you grab it, enjoy it, feel it. Yet some chose to sit back and let them pass by. Waiting for a "better" times." 

wingyee doodles